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What Makes These 5 Car Logos Stand Out


Cars have always been most admired and adored by people all around. Particularly the popularity of luxury cars is unfathomable since they span over huge scale. You do not have to look beyond the logo to recognize the car. One look at the logo pictogram you can recognize which brand it is. Indeed, a logo is the identification extension of a brand. Not that it describes a brand, but the logo plays an integral part in enabling the mass at large to identify the brand, its marketing strategy and its business policies of selling its brand. Check out the following list of 5 car logos that stand out of the crowd. Learn why they are most cherished and celebrated.


5 Most Exclusive Logos


  1. For instance, the Audi badge represents ‘Four Rings’. Audi, one of the oldest car manufacturers in Germany uses a very unique logo which signifies the merger of four independent four-wheel manufacturers. This happened in 1932, when the four different vehicle manufacturers DKW, Audi, Audi AG and Horch came together. The word ‘Audi’ means ‘hear’ and is also pun intended for German word ‘hoerch’, which also means ‘hear’, also name of one of the car founders. Thus, symbolizing the family coat of arms of the most illustrious Visconti enlighten, regarded as a popular affluent family in Milan, the Audi logo has a special significance to it.


  1. Take a close look at the Mercedes-Benz logo, which is crafted to identify the brand that serves as a subject of public interest to people. With the objective to help run-off-the mill identify the brand, comprehend the nature of the brand and so on, there was a merger in 1926 when Daimlet-Benz formed his new company. He was the brain behind this three-pointed Mercedes logo, which highlighted the fact that his motors will be used for the purpose of travelling in air, on land and also for sea use.


  1. Komanda was the designer who was assigned to create a Porsche coat of arms, which was actually aimed for using as a logo. He came up with Stuttgart Coat of Arms animals and also other different elements in his copy.


  1. BMW, which stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke is the name of a German automobile, engine and motorcycle manufacturing company which came to inception in 1916. Check out the circular white and blue BMW logo that actually evolved from the Rapp Motorenwerke company logo which was circular. Gradually, the BMW Firm developed in prominence thus getting blended with the blue and white colours of the flags of Bravia. Well, the logo is highly interesting portraying that an aircraft propeller is cutting through the white sky with its blue blades. The logo that you see on BMW cars of today was actually inspired by Bravian engine components, wherein the Bravians national colours like white, blue and black were used.


  1. Look at the Lamborghini logo. Lamborghini is an Italian sports car manufacturer. The charging bull in the logo actually depicts the zodiacal sign (Taurus) of the founder, i.e., Ferruccio Lamborghini.



The above facts enlighten you with the knowledge of how 5 most popular car logos actually evolved.

Why it’s important to clean your fuel injector

One of the staples of car maintenance is the mighty oil change. People make sure to get this done often, and it’s an important thing. No mechanic is going to scoff at the notion of doing this. However, another staple that is needed, but doesn’t get nearly the same kind of attention is that of fuel injector cleaning. This is something that is absolutely vital to the longevity that your vehicle has. Without it, you will not gain any sort of leverage down the line with your automobile. There are several reasons why it’s important to clean this part of your engine, and it’s more than just keeping up appearances. Consider the following reasons why it’s important to clean your fuel injector.


The first major key is simple, miles per gallon. Wouldn’t you want to get more out of your gas tank? Well, when you clean this small element of your engine, you guarantee that you get more mileage. By efficiently burning through the gasoline in your tank, your car can push through mileage that is closer to the higher end of your engine’s make. If you neglect this, you will find that for every gallon of gas that you have, you are going to have diminished returns. Some people assume that it’s a matter of age, but that’s not always the case. When you keep this clean, you make gains.

Avoiding Slow or No Starts

It happens often, you turn the key and nothing. You hear some rattling, and eventually you get going. When there’s sludge build up, or issues with the starter, you know it. However, it’s not always the starter’s problem. Sometimes it’s a matter of sludge getting in the way of fuel moving to the right area of your engine. This can cause serious problems with your car, and could leave you stranded in a parking lot somewhere. You don’t want to dismiss a slow start, because that’s an easy way to end up with a huge repair bill.

Vehicle Longevity

In the end, your vehicle is an investment. It’s much like your body. If you take time to make sure to eat right, exercise, and keep on top of your health, you’ll live longer. The same can be said about the car that you drive. If you change the oil, clean the injector, and focus on only using good gasoline, you will end up with a long lasting option. Your automobile can last for decades, and could be just as good down the road as it was off the lot. However, that only happens when you focus on maintenance. Minor wear and tear is normal, but longevity relies on helping clean the components and keep up with the schedule of elements.

The reason why injectors get dirty is simple. Gas stations don’t always have the best gas. They sell you whatever they can at competitive prices. However, some gasoline types are better than others, as some have fillers, water, and ethanol, and more. These can cause disaster to the components of your engine. It may not be immediate, but left without treatment, things can really turn sour.

Car modification in India

The idea of car modification is being loved by people in India very much nowadays. Altering the car as per requirement and the latest trend is far reasonable way of enjoying luxurious ride than buying the new, advance car for higher price. Keeping the demand of people on mind, leading car modification companies in India are active to serve their clients in a variety of ways. In this series, they guarantee for offering the best service to people. The job of modifying car is carried out by genius and professionally expert people. For this purpose, different methods and techniques are employed by skilled car modifiers.

Excelling in the field of car remodeling and modification makes the car modifier groups in India popular in all around the world. Most of the reputed service suppliers in this direction are committed to offer superior maintenance for the car to enable it retaining good capacities with promise of long term services.

Advance and proven technologies are applied in this direction so that the customers can get nothing but the best outcome. Apart from the promise of excellent servicing, the Indian car modification in delhi experts are preferable for the reasonable service price they implement. The pricing strategies of these leading services providers have been designed on the basis of comfort of customers. This is how, these special car modeling services can be enjoyed by even middle class customers.

You can apply online for taking appointment of car remodeling services. The service request form is available in official website of the car modifier India company.

What makes a quality jump starter

Jump start is a method used to start the vehicle whose battery is discharged. The process is used to crank the engine or start the engine. It is done by making a temporary connection between the car battery which is to be cranked and an outside power source, which in most of the cases is the battery of another vehicle. The main aim is to draw the necessary power needed to start the vehicle from the power source. Once the car is jump started and if the charging system of the vehicle is functional, the battery will be able to charge itself. The connection from the external power system can thus be removed. This method can prove to be very useful, especially during the accidental discharge of the battery of the vehicle, in case the headlights of the vehicle are left switched on even when the engine is switched off. So, the persons using a vehicle generally do carry a set of jump starters, if not, at least a set of jumper cables with them, to always stay safe in case of such accidental battery discharge. Let us discuss what makes a quality jump starter.

Portable battery to substitute the need of an external vehicle

A set of jump starter mainly comprises of a portable and rechargeable battery which is generally of twelve volts. It has a weight of around twenty to thirty pounds. It is carried always by a car owner to substitute the need of an external power supply. If it is not available, the driver will have to wait for an external vehicle to stop and provide external power from that vehicle. It basically fulfils the need of an external vehicle.

The extra advantage it has is that, one does not have to wait for another vehicle to come and help, and also maintain your dignity. Waiting for another vehicle in situations like night time and unfavourable weather conditions can be a real risk. Hence, it is very advantageous.

The battery which is carried is connected to the discharged battery using a pair of jumper cables, by crocodile clips on both the sides. The crocodile clips are red and black in colour, signifying the polarity, or the positive and negative terminals respectively. The respective terminals are connected with the batteries on both ends, and vehicle is jump started.

Jump starters installed with an auto testing system

Some of the quality jumper cables are equipped with auto testing, while supplying the current through jumper cable. They do not send current through the jumper cable, if the terminal is connected wrongly, as on opposite connection, the battery may burst, thus creating a huge loss.

Jump starters with overload protection

Most of the quality jump starters are provided with an overload protection system which does not damage your vehicle battery, even if you leave the jump starter plugged in. Some of them also have an indicator which shows the amount of charge that is left.

There are many quality jump starters in the market. However, you must know the correct procedure of using them and must read the manual before use, to be safe.”

The Importance of Regular Auto Maintenance

It is astoundingly surprising just how many people actually take the time to perform routine maintenance on the vehicles they depend on, to get them everywhere they go. Citing reasons like “I’m just too busy, who has the time?” to “Aw, it can wait a little–those people are always making too big of a deal about that kind of stuff.” a whole lot of car owners simply neglect their cars. What they fail to “get” is that, with adherence to a car care routine, there are many major problems that you can actually prevent, and only with a little time and effort.

Deals on Oil Changes

Aside from filling up and topping off all the important fluids, there are a few things you really can’t afford to ignore, when it comes to taking good care of the machine that takes you everywhere you wish to go. Mechanics everywhere will agree that, if you do nothing else, at least make sure to change your oil at proper intervals, either determined by the number of miles you drive from oil change to oil change, or the recommended passage of time between oil changes. Oil changes are frequently methods in use by companies that are hoping to either attract new customers or sell another premium service. They advertise specials on a basic oil change, as a “lure,” to get people to their store. You should look for such deals, as they can save you money. Chances are, the Mercedes Benz used that you are currently driving was in such good shape when you bought it because the previous owner was diligent about performing timely oil changes for the car.

Inspect Your Car, or Have it Inspected

Truly, with changing your oil being the most important maintenance detail, you need to check your tire pressure regularly, like once monthly,and especially when the weather changes, as it will affect the air pressure in your tires. Get regular inspections and attend to any matters your mechanic notices as soon as possible. These inspections could literally save you thousands in repair bills. And refer to your owner’s manual for the exact maintenance procedures as they are called for, and you will see in the manual just when to perform them. Pay attention to the treads of your tires, and replace them when they show signs of exceeding wear. Whether you drive a Nissan Used car or a brand new sporty crossover with all the bells and whistles, routine maintenance will always extend the life (and resale value) of your car. And keep a detailed record of the maintenance and work you have performed on your car. Then if you ever decide to sell it, include in your classified ad that you can provide those records for potential buyers.

London’s Electric Car Infrastructure Is Coming Apart At The Seams

There may be over 1,400 charging points in London but the majority of them appear to be utterly useless. The appalling mismanagement and poor assembly of the points has caused the entire network to capitulate. Worst of all, the network was sold off recently yet there appears to be no plans in place to make the necessary repairs. Amusingly, there are expansion plans that border on the over-ambitious. Instead of spending money expanding the network, why don’t the powers that be concentrate on fixing the broken parts first?

Broken Promises

When the network was set up, electric car drivers were assured there would be ample charging points but the reality is very different. According to Totally Electric Cars: “In Camden, they are finding it impossible to have more than 70% of points operating at once.” The same website also mentions the fact that there are more charging points out of order than working in several areas.

Network of Shame

Source London was set up by Transport for London (TfL) to look after the charging point network but it was recently acquired by IER, a French company that is part of the Bollore Group, for a measly £1 million. Source London is busy blaming everyone else for failure of the network and has cited the multiple charger designs and dozens of scheme partners as reasons for the collapse. It also claims that several charging points are obsolete and need to be changed.
The network can be described as ‘fragmented’ at best and a disaster at worst. Between equipment manufacturers, landlords and city boroughs, there are too many cooks spoiling the broth. Source London claims it isn’t in charge of fixing charging points and says manufacturers such as Chargemaster and PodPoint are responsible instead. Unsurprisingly, these companies don’t accept this.

Cleaning Up A Mess

According to PodPoint spokesperson Erik Fairbairn, it is up to IER to pay for maintenance but this doesn’t seem likely. TfL has stayed in the background and claims consortium members should be banding together to repair the network. Source London claims boroughs are preventing companies from coming in and fixing the problem and believes an agreement on repairs must be made to end this impasse. The problem is, IER is a direct rival of PodPoint and Chargemaster!
Ultimately however, money talks. The £5 annual membership fee paid by motorists is not enough as they get to charge their vehicles for free. The costs of the network are enormous with some charging points costing up to £10,000 to install and they can last for up to 7 years. IER is planning to increase the number of charging points in London to 5,000 within the next 4 years.

Quite how it plans to manage that number is a mystery since it is unable to deal with problems in a network less than a third of the size. The idea behind the plan is to develop an electric car-share scheme which is currently underway in four cities in France. If we really want clean air in London, electric cars need to be on the road which means this charging point fiasco has to be solved sooner rather than later.



Chrysler Town and County


This exclusive model of Chrysler; Chrysler Town and County is popular for its extensive backup camera and wi fi internet access. Interior of the car has been made exclusive and elite through leather upholstery, DVD entertainment system and fold into floor second row seats. The car is powered with 3.6 liter V-6 engine with six speed automatic transmission.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XF

This awesome model of Jaguar is the latest sensation in the world of luxury sport sedans. The modelis available with all wheel drives and has been designed with four cylinder or V6 engines. This high performance version of Jaguar is competitive to Audi A6, Mercedes Benz E-class and BMW 5 series.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo

The latest Lamborghini Gallardo 2015 is something that can make people turn their head on it. The all new model offers four door crew and cab models with extension. Three all new engines, interior and exterior redesigning and crash avoidance system makes it widely favorable by those who appreciate luxury automobiles.

Choose the best of all the cars that are on 2014’s Latest Cars list

Do not go by merely the television commercials or other forms of marketing before you invest in any latest car because some of the most popular brands could come up with cars that are good for nothing or even troublesome while some upcoming brands could manufacture exactly what you have been looking for but fail to get it across to a large population! Before you settle for any car, check the technical aspects of the car and also of other cars in the same price range.

The most important thing is to take user reviews from people who have already bought and have been using the car you want to buy for quite some time now. Though that would beat the purpose of getting hold of the latest car you must wait for user reviews because a single test drive is just not enough no matter how long and enjoyable it may be. Even the cheapest car costs a lot of money and you deserve value for money which you have to ensure for yourself. All the best if you are one of the thousands of people in your city who is confused as to which car to go for take your time to reach the right conclusion.